Enterprise Zero Trust Access

Complete Protection Against Credential-Based Cyberattacks Across Your Enterprise

Eliminate Credential-Based Cyberattacks While Delivering a Flawless User Experience

With GCM's Enterprise Zero Trust Access you can eliminate the number one attack vector, stolen and compromised credentials, while creating a frictionless and passwordless user experience. GCM is deployed as an overlay, meaning you don't need to deploy new infrastructure, upgrade your hardware, or change your workflows. With GCM, you can be up and running in days.

Anchored Credentials Eliminate Attacks
By anchoring credentials to machines using hardware roots of trust, attackers are no longer able to steal credentials and then use them from another device to impersonate an identity
Validated Nation-State Level Security
Leveraging Gradient's secure enclave, your credentials and access control policy operations have nation-state level protection ensuring they can never be compromised
Time Boxed, Ephemeral Credentials
Credentials issued by GCM can be rotated in as little as ten minutes, ensuring short lived sessions that are seamlessly renewed to prevent compromise and ensure compliance with least access principles
Frictionless & Passwordless
Too often, cybersecurity solutions slow down users and cause frustration. With GCM, users won't have to remember passwords or be booted out to reauthenticate, or be disrupted by MFA prompts and text messages

Explore GCM's Enterprise-Wide Zero Trust and High Security Environments Solutions

Enterprise-Wide ZTA
GCM can be deployed across a segment of users or across your entire user base. It works with existing IAM solutions and eliminates the need for passwords and easily bypassed multi-factor authentication.
SSH Access Contols
SSH provides privileged identities with a high level of access to your organization's crown jewels. GCM eliminates the risk of credential-based attacks leveraging SSH authentication key and passwords.

Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience