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Prevent breaches before they happen by securing what others can't. Learn how our Cybersecurity Mesh moves you Beyond Zero Trust.
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Go Beyond Zero Trust with Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh



Eliminate the root causes of stolen credentials and advanced malware injection that give rise to the majority of ransomware attacks today, and enable your enterprise to focus on what matters most. This is Beyond Zero Trust.


Seamless, Simple

Integrate seamlessly. Manage simply. Provide Beyond Zero Trust guarantees by easily layering on top of existing infrastructure.



Deploy to any endpoint - truly edge to cloud - from the lowest power, embedded IoT devices to on-premises servers, BYOD laptops, and cloud native containerized infrastructure. Easily retrofitted on top of legacy hardware via compact, plug-and-play secure adapter.

Move from Detection and Response to Protection and Prevention

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Deployable to Everything, Everywhere

Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh is software deployable to any endpoint - truly edge to cloud - from the lowest power embedded / IoT devices to on-premises servers, BYOD laptops, and cloud native containerized infrastructure.  Cybersecurity Mesh can secure legacy hardware via a compact plug-and-play secure adapter.

Gradient’s Cybersecurity Mesh is deployable to anything that runs code.

Cybersecurity Mesh has been designed from the ground up to leverage a gradient of hardware and software roots of trust, including Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and vTPMs, Apple’s T2 security co-processor, Arm TrustZone, RISC-V based secure enclaves, physically unclonable function (PUF) based key systems, and is extensible to commercially available Trusted Execution Environment (“enclaves”).  

In cloud environments, Gradient can leverage AWS Nitro and other hardware roots of trust.  At the low power extreme, Cybersecurity Mesh may be deployed as a bootloader upgrade for embedded microcontrollers.

Even in cases where no hardware root of trust is available, Cybersecurity Mesh is able to mitigate risk of credential compromise through use of ephemeral credentials.  Security policies are configurable to rotate credentials at any frequency desired, down to one time use credentials.  In this manner, credential exfiltration risk is mitigated by the fact that credentials are effectively rendered obsolete before a hacker is able to make use of them.

Prevent Breaches Before They Happen, by Securing What Others Can't.

Move from Detection and Response to Protection and Prevention.


Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh


Deployed via Universal Software Agent
Powered by the World’s Most Secure Enclave Processor
Quantum-Robust, Crypto-Agile

Seamless to integrate.
Simple to manage.

Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh layers easily on top of existing infrastructure to provide Beyond Zero Trust guarantees with bolt-on simplicity.


Cybersecurity Mesh is offered...

  • Securely cloud hosted (as a service),
  • On premises via rack-mountable appliance,
  • Or federated across both.

Fully standards compliant digital credentials (x.509 certificates, SSH keys, tokens) are used to communicate ephemeral, unforgeable identity and integrity for users, devices and data. Cybersecurity Mesh is plug and play compatible with modern IAM, IdP (Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos), and SIEM/SOAR/XDR tools.

This simplicity belies the hardened, auto scaling and self-healing network that runs the Gradient Policy Engine, the intelligence behind Cybersecurity Mesh. The brains that power this network are Gradient’s own secure enclave processors, the only chips robust to all known sidechannel attacks including Foreshadow, Rowhammer, Spectre, Meltdown and others. And, they’re only available inside Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh.

Whether your environment runs air gapped, operates remotely with intermittent connectivity, or is plugged in to highly available data center infrastructure, we have you covered.

What is Gradient?

Gradient offers the only cybersecurity solution that continually protects and communicates, via patented secure hardware attestation, the complete security posture of every platform, all the way from the legitimacy of the hardware to the firmware (UEFI BIOS), kernel, kernel packages and more, to establish a dynamic “fingerprint”.

Gradient enhances the conventional authentication and conditional access flow for users, devices, and APIs to include the continual validation of both identity and the complete platform fingerprint. As a result, Gradient ensures that only legitimate users on valid, legitimate machines running correct, uncompromised software are allowed, where each of these attributes is re-evaluated at regular intervals to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date information on the state of every device on your network. This is dynamic attribute-based access control (ABAC) for everything, everywhere.

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Eliminate Breaches with Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh

Secure your credentials and firmware vulnerabilities from compromises. Get continual verification that your devices and users are explicitly authenticated and proactively protected against today’s increasingly sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks.

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