The Secure Identity Platform for the Connected World

The Only Solution on the Planet that Leverages Hardware Roots of Trust, Ephemeral Credentials, and Continuous Attestation to Verify that Identities Are Who They Say They AreAnnouncing General Availability of GCM

The Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh (GCM) Platform

Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh stitches together hardware-based roots of trust with nation-state hardened software to eliminate the threat of credential-based cyberattacks and creates a frictionless user experience without requiring any changes to your existing infrastructure.

Enterprise Zero Trust Access

Secure, frictionless access controls for all of your identities, machine-based or human. Virtually all types of authentication methods are supported.

Zero Trust Cloud Segmentation

Ensure access control integrity across cloud services and workloads to prevent unauthorized access or malicious lateral movement in cloud and multi-cloud environments

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Enable access controls and quantum safe encryption on legacy OT devices or IoT devices that run on minimal code/operating systems

White Paper

Securing Digital Infrastructure Against the Next SolarWinds Attack

Learn how Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh makes it impossible to steal credentials by leveraging the hardware roots of trust already present on most enterprise endpoints, immutably binding the user and device, and continuous attestation.

Ultimately, every IAM solution on the market today can be defeated by an attacker because no solution is using anchored, ephemeral credentials with attestation to ensure that issued credentials can’t be compromised and used in an attack. That is until now.

What Makes Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh Different?

Legacy MFA Gradient
Hardware Roots of Trust
Continuous Attestation
Secure Enclave
Post-Quantum Ready
No Manual Action Required
Ephemeral Keys
No Passwords
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The Fastest, Most Convenient Path to Eliminate Credential-Based Cyberattacks

Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience