The trust fabric for everything connectedTM

Enabling the authenticity, provenance, and permissioning of data
and devices — while guaranteeing privacy


Gradient’s patented software platform redefines how identity & data are authenticated and shared

Our Identity & Authentication as a Service (IDaaS) platform delivers a framework & supporting services for establishing trust, communicating provable statements, and ensuring privacy & security.

Empowering Everything Connected


Medical & Health

Gradient is powering a secure, privacy-preserving connected healthcare future. Protect patient, data, algorithm & device privacy, establish data provenance, and guarantee authenticity of device software. Ensure data from a wide range of sensors and sources – such as implantable devices, diagnostic equipment, and wearables — is made actionable, portable, yet private to the patient. Run sensitive algorithms on sensitive data remotely, while maintaining privacy of both. Meet the FDA’s draft guidance for the cybersecurity of networked medical devices.



Deploy Gradient’s hardware-rooted credentials as a simple software update to most existing silicon roots of trust, enabling devices to operate securely even within compromised networks.  With unlinkable credentials, mission-critical device operations may remain “unattributable” - resilient to monitoring by malicious actors. Our agile cryptography enables time-limited, device-specific keys to be locally generated and registered remotely, compartmentalizing risk and securing infrastructure at scale.  Beyond existing capabilities like secure OTA updates and zero-touch provisioning, Gradient extends security to the application level via delegated credentials.


Enterprise & Cloud

Securely authenticate & connect devices and data services from edge to cloud — from servers to VMs,  containers, and workloads — with hardware-rooted identities, privacy-preserving communication, data provenance, and a language and framework for trust-based transactions. Revoke access with object-level permissions, at scale.  Leverage an open ecosystem with provable identities, property claims, and programmable trust contracts across platforms & applications.


Digital Assets & Fintech

Authenticate users & transactions even while offline by using self-certifying credentials.  Maintain digital assets and cryptographic keys with online availability but with the security of cold storage.  Accelerate consensus mechanisms using cloud-hosted, formally-verified secure enclaves and efficient ZK proofs. (1)

Gradient enables digital fingerprints of devices using a small piece of software.

Using these fingerprints, we create privacy preserving digital identities for devices that are immutably linked to the physical world, and delegate these as digital signatures across devices, software components, and data. This simple concept transforms how identity and data are authenticated and shared in digital ecosystems.

Gradient client target platforms: ARM, RISC-V, TPM 2.0, Intel x86 with SGX support, iOS, and Android

What if you could communicate trust?

Provide time-limited access to a subset of medical data provably yours. Authenticate and track the provenance of sensor measurements for mission-critical systems. Anonymize personally identifying information while proving properties about it. Ensure purchases are by those over 18, without revealing actual age or identity. Share your house key with specific restrictions. Efficiently revoke rights or access. Participate in multi-party trust transactions.

Central to Gradient’s identity management infrastructure is the notion of an anonymous, delegatable cryptographic credential, which enables a powerful language for communicating provable statements and claims chained to immutable roots of trust. Founded on decades of advanced cryptography, and packaged in a difficult-to-misuse construction.

Fine-grained. Delegatable. Selectably revealable. Time-limited. Unlinkable and anonymous. Efficiently provable. Efficiently revocable. With a provable chain of custody. The foundations for a trust ecosystem.


Architected With Best-In-Class Privacy & Security


Privacy Best

Gradient built privacy into its trust fabric from the bottom up. From state-of-the-art privacy-preserving cryptographic tools that ensure our digital identities are unlinkable & anonymous to our service infrastructure that verifies ZK proofs of clients, eliminating the need to centrally store white lists, Gradient establishes a new privacy standard.


Secure Compute

The privacy-preserving compute infrastructure that powers all our services is a low-latency, highly distributed system specially designed to hide all critical processing. We build on secure computing research at MIT and elsewhere to construct an enclave-based, resilient platform that maintains confidentiality & integrity in the presence of an insidious adversary.

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