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The Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh (GCM) Platform

Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh (GCM) is a true zero-trust solution that stitches together hardware-based roots of trust with nation-state hardened software to eliminate the threat of credential-based cyberattacks. In addition, GCM creates a frictionless and passwordless user experience without requiring any changes to your existing infrastructure. GCM is built around 4 core innovations:

How Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh Works


Secure Credential Issuance

Secure credential issuance and policy management leveraging GCM’s secure enclaves, provide nation-state level protection for credentials


Credential Rotation

Ephemeral, timeboxed credentials limits dwell time, making it difficult for an attacker to exploit a system or device before losing access



GCM leverages device anchoring to ensure that credentials cannot be used on an attackers device, shutting down remotely executed credential-based attacks



GCM is the only solution on the market that continually monitors the identity and integrity of the device including PCR values at the hardware layer, firmware, OS, and application layers

Gradient by the Numbers

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Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience

Enterprise Zero Trust Access

Secure, frictionless access controls for all of your identities, machine-based or human. Virtually all types of authentication methods are supported

Zero Trust Cloud Segmentation

Ensure access control integrity across cloud services and workloads to prevent unauthorized access or malicious lateral movement in cloud and multi-cloud environments

Zero Trust Critical Infrastructure Protection

Enable access controls and advanced malware protection on legacy OT devices or devices that run on minimal code/operating systems

“Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh is more than a tool – it’s a holistic solution to unify security posture across all assets”

Director of Security Strategy, Top 3 U.S. Utility

“Gradient’s secure identity overlay technology will put our enterprise cybersecurity risks to bed once and for all without impeding operations”

SVP & CTO, Fortune 500 Lender

“Gradient solves our biggest pain point in securely automating identity & authentication for our highly complex BYOD ecosystem: credential issuance. The integrity measurement capabilities are unprecedented”

SVP & CTO, Major University

“Gradient Cybersecurity Mesh is the only solution we have encountered that can secure identity & integrity across OT, IT and cloud networks, providing true protection against cyber threats to critical infrastructure”

Cybersecurity Forensics Lead, Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Supermajor