Enterprise-Wide Zero Trust

Secure Access Control Solutions for Every User, Every Second of Every Day

With GCM's Enterprise-Wide ZTA Module you can eliminate the risk of stolen credential-based attacks and create a frictionless experience for your users and system administrators

Credential Operations Fidelity
Stolen credentials can give cybercriminals broad access to your network and the ability to impersonate legitimate users. GCM leverages secure enclaves that have been tested for thousands of hours by highly skilled security researchers to ensure credentials operation fidelity for all of your users.
Ephemeral Credentials & Rotation
Long-lived credentials and static password authentication poses a real risk to your organization. GCM issues credentials on demand for initial log in and rotates credentials in as little as 10 minutes for SAML-based users and less for SSH environments and PKI-based authentication.
Device Anchoring
GCM binds identities to devices, making it impossible for cyber criminals to use credentials to gain access to your network even if they were to obtain the credential itself. Device anchoring eliminates the risk of remotely executed credential-based attack.
GCM uses platform configuration registers (PCRs) to continuously attest that a device or identity is not compromised. Using PCRs enables GCM to eliminate spoofing and validate certain conditions at system boot and during specified events on the machine. If a PCR hash value changes in a manner that indicates a device is compromised, GCM will not issue new credentials on that device and existing credentials tied to that identity and anchored to that device will be revoked.

Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience

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