Zero Trust Critical Infrastructure Protection

Enable Access Controls and Quantum Safe Encryption on OT and IoT Devices

Protect Critical Infrastructure by Deploying Zero Trust in Your Legacy OT and IoT Environment

With GCM's Critical Infrastructure Protection, your critical OT & IoT infrastructure as well as low code devices no longer have to be a target for hackers and backdoors into your enterprise. In addition, GCM offers solution for devices that need post-quantum resilience.

Anchored Credentials Eliminate Attacks
By anchoring credentials to OT & IoT devices using hardware roots of trust, attackers are no longer able to steal credentials and then use them from another device to impersonate an identity
Validated Naton-State Level Security
Leveraging Gradient's secure enclave, your credential issuance and policy operations have nation-state level protection ensuring they can never be compromised
Ephemeral Credentials Limit Dwell Time
Credentials issued by GCM can be rotated in as little at ten minutes. In the unlikely event that an attacker were to gain access through a compromised credential, their access would be short lived
Complete Protection for IoT/OT
Deploys to anything that runs code ensuring that adversaries cannot operate at any level of the stack, from the hardware levels through firmware and embedded operating systems

Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience