Zero Trust Cloud Segmentation

Protect Your Cloud Workloads from Unauthorized Access and Lateral Movement

Protect Your Cloud Environments from Credential-Based Attacks Outside and Inside Your Perimeter

GCM's Zero Trust Cloud Segmentation secures services and workloads in cloud, and multi-cloud environments by maintaining identity integrity and preventing unauthorized access or lateral movement.

Anchored Credentials Eliminate Attacks
Eliminate Attacks By anchoring credentials to machines using hardware roots of trust, attackers are no longer able to steal credentials and then use them from another device to impersonate an identity
Validated Naton-State Level Security
Leveraging Gradient's secure enclave, your credential issuance and policy operations have nation-state level protection ensuring they can never be compromised
Time Boxed, Ephemeral Credentials
Credentials issued by GCM can be rotated in as little as ten minutes, ensuring short lived sessions that are seamlessly renewed to prevent compromise and ensure compliance with least access principles
Easy to Deploy & Manage
Leverage existing infrastructure for service management to easily deploy GCM and manage identities and access patterns without needing engineering cycles and resources

Discover how easy it is to eliminate credential-based cyberattacks and dramatically improve user experience