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Security Nation (Podcast): How Entrepreneur Christian Wentz Takes On Identity Authentication and Data Integrity One Line of Code at a Time

In this episode, Jen Ellis and Tod Beardsley speak with Gradient. Here’s the episode description:

"In our latest episode of Security Nation, we are joined by Christian Wentz, CEO, CTO, founder of Gradient. From an electrical-engineering-applied-to-neuroscience background to a privacy and data protector present, we discuss what it’s like to thread the needle between internet profitability and end-user privacy. There’s technology, there’s politics, there’s policy, and there’s Tod getting very excited about code."

Please take a listen and let us know what you think:

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About Security Nation
Security Nation is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the champions in the cybersecurity community who are advancing security in their own ways. They also cover the biggest events in security that you should know about. You can subscribe to Security Nation on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.