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HPE and Gradient Demonstrate Zero-Trust Cloud-Native Enterprise Software Platform at HPE Discover 2020

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with HPE on its Cloud-Native Enterprise initiative. This week at HPE Discover, HPE and Gradient are showcasing a demonstration of new cloud-native enterprise experiences powered by a zero-trust approach that enables a dynamic, open, and secure ecosystem connecting services across public, private, and edge cloud environments.

HPE’s Cloud-Native Enterprise initiative is a radical new approach to how software is developed, delivered, and consumed. Eliminating the walls between clouds, HPE is creating an edge-to-cloud platform that seamlessly and securely connects services across environments. Fundamental to enabling this vision is a Trust Fabric that helps workloads and services ensure that interactions are only with trusted identities, systems, and software. HPE servers offer unique security features to support this capability. With the first industry-standard servers to include a silicon root of trust built into the hardware, HPE servers provide a secure, immutably rooted anchor point for identity and integrated mechanisms for assessing and protecting system integrity.

"Powered by revolutionary cryptographic technology, Gradient secures edge and cloud workloads by projecting silicon roots of trust to the cloud and federating trust across multiple environments,” said Dave Larson, VP and CTO, Cloudless Service Mesh Initiative, HPE.

We are proud that our unified security paradigm from edge to cloud, the first Trust Fabric for Everything ConnectedTM, is being featured as part of HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform as-a-service strategy. We believe that until identity and trustworthiness of connected systems can be determined with certainty, devices and software will remain highly susceptible to attack and require costly, evolving defenses. Fully backwards compatible with existing certificate-based security infrastructure, Gradient’s zero-trust approach -- which verifies the trustworthiness of every connected system to make communications secure and private by design -- avoids the significant vulnerabilities, system complexities, and perimeter costs inherent to current approaches.

“Security and simplicity are frequently viewed as being at odds. With Gradient, HPE is aiming to make both feasible,” said Brian Martin, Architect, HPE. “The flexibility that Gradient's enclave certificate management offers expands the SPIFFE Federation landscape, providing customers additional choice across the granularity/frequency spectrum, as well as setting the stage to communicate identity, authentication, and entitlement/authorization from edge to cloud in a native certificate driven framework.”

 To see a demonstration and learn more, register to see session D193 at HPE Discover.