About Gradient

Gradient TechnologiesTM verifies the trustworthiness of every connected system to make communications secure and private by design. Gradient provides a unified zero-trust security paradigm from edge to cloud that avoids the significant vulnerabilities, system complexities, and costs inherent to current security approaches.

Gradient’s Identity and Authentication as a Service (IDaaS) framework ensures that every interaction between devices, software, and users — for servers, containers, VMs, laptops, mobile, infrastructure, and IoT — comes with a cryptographic proof that the connected system is authentic and trustworthy. IDaaS is fully backwards compatible with existing certificate-based security infrastructure.

At Gradient we see a world in which the authenticity and integrity of every electronic device, the software it operates, data it originates, stores, and computes, are provable qualities by construction. Our technology stack is the culmination of decades of secure architecture, systems, and cryptography research at MIT, Brown, Berkeley, and elsewhere.

Advised by industry leaders from healthcare to finance, our founding team comprises world-leading experts in cryptography and secure hardware. We believe in taking a first principles approach to problem solving — and share a common desire to build impactful technology for the betterment of society. In previous lives, Gradient team members have built human brain-machine interfaces, the Macbook Air, satellite constellations, and mission critical hardware and software. (We’ve also been known to, for example, hack the office espresso machine — sometimes open loop temperature control just don’t cut it.)

Our Team

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Christian Wentz

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Ilia Lebedev, PhD



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Anna Lysyanskaya, PhD



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George Harper

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Mira Belenkiy, PhD



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Richard Kelsey, PhD




Ed Frank, PhD



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Srini Devadas, PhD




Chuck Carignan, MD